• Politifund

    Crowdfunded Lobbying for the People

  • Our Vision

    people-powered politics

    Justice can't be bought.

    Big corporations are running America. With hundreds of millions of dollars poured into private lobbying efforts, we are effectively shut out from the political process. Let's challenge greedy interests through our collective power.

    A revolution in political expression.

    By crowdfunding politics, millions of American citizens receive a new channel of democratic participation. Anyone can now influence legislature just by contributing to open campaigns funded by the interests of the people.

  • Incubated at MIT

  • How it Works

    crowdfunded politics in 3 simple steps

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    Create an account to join the community of people making a change in the laws that affect them.


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    Commit an amount of money to a campaign that will support a lobbyist to fight for the legislation that you want passed.


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    Our lobbyists will update frequently about campaigns that you contributed to so you know exactly what impact your money has.

  • Features

    political change at your fingertips

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    To solve social challenges

    our campaigns are easily attached to articles and social media posts. The platform is designed to promote engagement and discussion about the political issues most important to you.

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    To develop positive results​

    our lobbyists are required to share weekly reports of where the money from the campaign is going, and what progress has been made towards legislative change.

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    To foster cooperation​

    we partner with nonprofit grassroots organizations to mobilize funders and reach the issues that matter most.

  • Our Board of Directors

    experienced perspectives from across the nation

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    Frank Santos

    Founder and CEO of Santos Alliances ​

    Frank Santos combines over 22 years of deep expertise in public policy, law, and strategic communication to help businesses and organizations achieve their legislative, regulatory, and business development objectives. Since launching Santos Alliances, his firm is consistently ranked as one of the top three public affairs firms in Texas while Santos individually has held the position as one of the state’s top lobbyist in the state. Our expertise is broad, ranging from Appropriations, Healthcare Financing and Infrastructure, Corporate Taxes, Public Education, Natural Resources, Energy, Transportation, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Real Estate and Financial Services.

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    Matthew Szollosi

    Former House Representative and Exec. Director of ACT Ohio

    Matthew Szollosi is a former Democratic member of the Ohio House of Representatives, representing Toledo and Lucas County. He is now the executive director of ACT Ohio, which advocates for quality, safe construction by qualified craftsman.

  • Contact Us

    don't be afraid to reach out. you + us = awesome.

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